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Region of Central Macedonia

The Region of Central Macedonia, one of Greece’s administrative regions, encompasses the central part of the larger Macedonia region. As a public authority operating at the regional level, it plays a significant role in governing the area. The region’s headquarters are situated in Thessaloniki, its capital city, and it is further divided into seven regional units. A particular division of the Region of Central Macedonia, known as the Department of Technical Works, assumes the responsibility for traffic management within the broader metropolitan area of Thessaloniki. This entity has actively participated in various research projects in the field of Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM) in the past. Notable projects include Compass4D, COGISTICS, and C-MobILE. In the context of the SYNCHROMODE initiative, the Region of Central Macedonia will facilitate and support the Thessaloniki case study activities. Leveraging the existing dynamic traffic management technologies, the region will extend its capabilities by incorporating additional tools and solutions provided by the project. This collaborative effort aims to enhance traffic management and contribute to the advancement of efficient and sustainable transportation systems in the region