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Provincie Zuid-Holland

The Province of South-Holland is one of the twelve provinces of the country, located in the western part of the Netherlands, and it is the most populous province. The organisation is located in The Hague and is responsible for various regional matters, including spatial planning, transportation infrastructure, water management, environmental protection, and cultural heritage. It plays a crucial role in coordinating and implementing policies that affect the well-being and development of the region.

With its highly urbanized areas and the presence of major transportation hubs like Rotterdam and The Hague, mobility and transportation infrastructure are crucial concerns for the region. The province has been investing in various initiatives to improve public transportation systems, encourage cycling, and reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, it has been working on integrating smart mobility solutions to optimize traffic flow and enhance connectivity between different parts of the province. By prioritizing sustainable and efficient mobility options, the Province of South Holland aims to enhance accessibility, reduce carbon emissions, and improve the overall quality of life for its residents.