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MAPtm, founded in the Netherlands in 2010, is a SME and service provider in the domain of Mobility and Traffic Management operating at a national and international level. Apart from traditional Traffic Management MAPtm explores new, innovative services based on for example Data Analytics, Social Media, Mobility as a Service, C-ITS and CCAM. MAPtm operates as an independent partner and intermediary for and between road authorities, national and local governments, municipalities and private organizations like construction companies and mobility providers. MAPtm is active on the complete chain of Mobility Management, from the design phase, including the development of new smart algorithms, up to the exploitation and operation. MAPtm has implemented its own Traffic Control Centre from where Traffic Management Systems from different public and private road operators can be operated. 

In SYNCHROMODE MAPtm will provide and extend its expertise in data analytics, traffic modelling and prediction and will put this into practice for the SYNCHROMODE case studies. Being the leader of the Dutch case study, MAPtm is eager to cooperate and implement the collaboration framework of Socrates 2.0 together with the partners provincie Zuid-Holland, Be-Mobile and Arriva improving traffic efficiency through public-private cooperation.