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Be-Mobile is a smart mobility service provider, headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. The company was founded in 2006, and started as a pioneer in obtaining real-time traffic information based on GPS location positions from connected vehicles (Floating Car Data). Be-Mobile currently develops high-tech solutions in the areas of smart mobility, traffic management, connected vehicle technologies, traffic information, mobile payment and toll collection to pave the way to smoother daily mobility. Be-Mobile’s traffic information is used today by road authorities (e.g., Flemish traffic centre, Dutch NDW, …) for monitoring roads and controlling roadside equipment (traffic light, VMS boards…), but also for calculating routes in vehicle navigation systems and apps for motorists. With the Be-Mobile ‘Flowcontrol platform’ and the ‘in-car traffic management module’, we can offer a software solution that provides services via hardware on the road as well as in-app/in-car. For the latter, Be-Mobile has its own navigation companion app Flitsmeister – with a user base of more than 2.8 million monthly users in the Benelux – which brings traffic information and traffic management services into the car.

In SYNCHROMODE, Be-Mobile will provide and extend its expertise in data gathering and analyses, traffic predictions and traffic management. Be-Mobile will be involved as service provider in the Dutch case study, where we will further develop and implement our interactive traffic management service, inspired by the collaboration framework of Socrates 2.0, together with the partners Provincie Zuid-Holland, MAPtm and Arriva, improving traffic efficiency through public-private cooperation.