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Second General Assembly in Madrid

Read more about our second in-person meeting held in Madrid. Two days filled with productive discussions ensured the whole consortium that we are on the right track.

Madrid, Spain – 22 – 23 November, 2023

In a spirited two-day event, SYNCHROMODE recently hosted its second General Assembly in Madrid, Spain. The assembly proved to be a hub of collaborative discussions, insightful presentations, and impactful decisions, charting the course for the future of this pioneering initiative.

Key agenda highlights:

The assembly began with in-depth insights into project management, covering essential aspects such as administration, coordination, innovation management, and data management. This set the stage for a day filled with valuable information, followed by updates on dissemination, exploitation, and outreach of results, providing crucial context for the initiative’s trajectory.

The agenda then shifted to delve into users’ needs, system requirements, and governance models, sparking significant discussions. The presentation of case studies, including those from Madrid and the Netherlands, showcased the diverse facets of the SYNCHROMODE project.

Day two brought a continued focus on the project’s intricacies, from data gathering, fusion, and analysis to modelling, simulation, and prediction of multimodal solutions. Transport network optimization and the integration of SYNCHROMODE solutions into the case studies were key areas of exploration, culminating in a comprehensive discussion on cross-work package task alignment and the project’s next steps.

The assembly didn’t conclude without a dedicated session on the Steering Committee Meeting, addressing networking, synergies, and cooperation with similar projects and initiatives.

forward momentum:

The SYNCHROMODE consortium emerged from the Madrid assembly with a clearer vision and renewed enthusiasm for the project’s future. The event not only facilitated productive discussions but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and expertise of the professionals involved.

As SYNCHROMODE continues to make strides in transportation innovation, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the unfolding chapters of this exciting journey.