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Dive into our first newsletter by reading what happened during our first round of case study-specific stakeholder workshops.

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Welcome to Synchromode news

Wishing you all a great new year as the whole SYNCHROMODE team is ready to get back to the project. In our first newsletter, we are thrilled to share the highlights of our first round of case study-specific Stakeholder Workshops held in the second half of 2023, shedding light on the progress and collaborative efforts within SYNCHROMODE.


SYNCHROMODE is set to engage closely with local communities, stakeholders, and users to shape the future of urban mobility. This endeavour involves a meticulous exploration of preferences and system requirements for the implementation of SYNCHROMODE’s innovative toolbox at various sites. Our approach is far from conventional.

Through a blend of quantitative methods, such as surveys, and qualitative interactions like workshops, SYNCHROMODE aims to foster dynamic collaboration and gather insights that reflect the diverse needs of each community. Kicking off with lively workshops at each case study site, we establish cooperative agreements with local stakeholders, ensuring their perspectives on the project’s scope and approach are at the forefront. SYNCHROMODE is pioneering data-driven solutions to shape the future of mobility in the region.

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Workshop 1: Thessaloniki (19 October 2023)

As a significant step, SYNCHROMODE organized the first Thessaloniki case study workshop in October. With stakeholders from diverse sectors, the workshop introduced innovative solutions to address evolving challenges in traffic management.

Interactive sessions, including a SWOT analysis, engaged participants and generated insights that will shape the final definition of the Thessaloniki Case Study. One of the highlights of the workshop was undeniably the “serious game”. Participants dove into realistic traffic situations using an interactive serious game specifically developed for this workshop. This engaging approach challenged the decision-making skills and sparked interesting conversations amongst participants about improving traffic management in different situations.

The workshop was hosted by CERTH, the leader of the Thessaloniki case study and the coordinator of the project.

Group picture of the Thessaloniki case study workshop attendees.

Workshop 2: Madrid (27 October 2023)

Our journey then took us to Madrid, where SYNCHROMODE hosted the first Madrid Case Study Workshop on October 27th. A diverse spectrum of experts and stakeholders in traffic management, public transport, parcel delivery, and demand-responsive transport congregated to propose innovative solutions for coordinated traffic management in the peri-urban and rural areas surrounding the Spanish capital.

Facilitated by Nommon, the workshop featured interactive activities, fostering collaboration among participants. Use cases regarding parcel-on transit and integrated DRT schemes were discussed through a SWOT analysis and an enabler analysis. Valuable input was gathered from esteemed organizations such as Ayuntamiento de Madrid, CARNET, CEDEX, Correos, CRTM, Doymo, Logistop, IOKI, and Spare.

Group picture of the attendees of the Madrid case study workshop in October 2023.

Workshop 3: The Netherlands (16 November 2023)

In the charming landscape of the Netherlands, SYNCHROMODE orchestrated a workshop, bringing together stakeholders to delve into the intricacies of the Dutch case study. Focused on addressing mobility challenges in South Holland, including the famed bulb region and coastal beaches, the workshop offered profound insights into local context and dynamic traffic scenarios. From time slot reservations to visitor trends and traffic dynamics during major events, the meeting provided a comprehensive understanding crucial for our case study.

The Dutch case study centred around combining forces to optimise the use of the infrastructure, promoting sustainable mobility, and enhancing multimodal traffic management, concentrates on three pivotal situations: large-scale infrastructure works, seasonal traffic management in the bulb region, and congestion on roads towards beaches on hot summer days.

Snippet from the Dutch case study workshop of people dicusing traffic management related things.

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