A data driven toolbox

Advanced traffic management solutions for synchronized and resilient multimodal transport services

SYNCHROMODE is a three-year Horizon Europe (2023-2026) project that will deliver a suite of services for improving the overall transport network management, fostering the coordination of different agents involved in the provision and control of the transport services. These services are: 1) Transport network-wide data exchange and integration system; 2) Cooperative dashboard for real-time monitoring and prediction of network-wide multimodal transport and traffic; 3) Resilient multimodal transport network and traffic management support tool.

The project aims to develop data driven ICT tools for improving the management of transport operations from a multimodal perspective and managing the overall transport network as a whole. SYNCHROMODE will provide to transport managers new predictive and network optimization capabilities for balancing the transport supply and demand, and capable of reacting to different types of events.